I have no proof that I was yours. But somehow it’s enough for me to know that there are still traces of you on my body. You crossed my lips once, my bed smells of your perfume… My heart flutters as I listen to your voice.

I have no proof that I meant anything to you, but women always feel it. I wonder why I never judge properly? And I think, somehow, selfishly or not, that after all … Maybe … I´m important? Yes, I´m important to someone.

You convinced me. I confess, and congratulations. It didn’t take you long. I immediately fainted before your eyes and you could tell me anything, I would do it all. You asked me to hug you, to wake up tucked next to you and I agreed. You asked for what I wanted to hear myself.

That’s why I thought we understood each other well and that we would succeed.

And that was just the beginning of the end. I already dreamed of life in my mind, life next to you. I just thought we would be different every morning. Magically. The most beautiful. And in fact … none will be as I imagined. Nor will I ever wake up next to you again.

In the end, I have no proof that we loved each other … In fact, I’m lying. I have. Heart. But he will never say the true.