Andjela Rakovic

“No love is as impossible as ours.
And I know again that we will succeed. Why?”

About me

I am a dreamer and I follow my dreams, fighting in the depths of my soul to make every dream the reality I imagined. Because, without dreams, we are just a flash that is very easily lost. We are alive with dreams, and when we live them well, then we are eternal.

Besides the fact that I like to chase after my dreams, I also like to travel. I always wanted to set off on a trip around the world with a little black suitcase, to see and explore all that paradise that exists on Earth.

Still, most of all in the world I like to drink wine by the big window and listen to raindrops pounding loudly on the sidewalks of old streets. I also like to turn over a new white sheet and lower the pen, allowing the ink to start a new story. In those moments, I mostly close my eyes and venture into the world of imagination. This is how my works are created, gifts to my readers.

It is my oasis of peace. That is what I dedicate this site to. To my dream life through which I walk as a traveler to the next station and to you who will not leave me alone.

latest stories

Come before this heart betrays me

It’s midnight. You know, at this time of night, I find myself returning to myself and my world once again, like Cinderella. I remember what was, but in the end, it all boils down to memories. You know… I’m writing…


NEVER LET YOU GO I don’t believe in fairy tales. I also didn’t believe in it when I was little. The Santa Claus story never made sense to me, but I tried to believe in it, falsely. I don’t like…


I MISS YOU MY LOVE It’s midnight. You know, at that time of night I go back to myself and my world. Like Cinderella. I remember what happened but it all becomes memory in the end. You know … I’m writing…