When we need to admit something to someone, it becomes a nightmare for us, especially if it is about someone a more serious thing that has been bothering us for a long time and for which we are afraid that someone will not find out and ruin everything for us. That’s right when we decide to say what happened, we shudder, some cold sweat grips our body, they start torment. A sad mood began to appear on  face. Darkness appears in the heart, which is not known to us, but, again, as if we knew her from somewhere. And it kind of reminds us of something that has gone through our lives like wind, and yet left a trail. That is why we prefer for the option for that someone to find out from another. Because, if we admit it, it will be harder: we will cry, we will pray for a minute of listening because it is important what we want to communicate. And if that one learns from another, it will be similar, only a little easier for the soul. We won’t have to justify ourselves so much.

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After learning what he was like, I fell silent.
I watched him stand pensively by the window and observes the sky. And he sighed, as if the burden from his heart, which he had been carrying for a long time, suddenly fell. And it won’t happen again to recover. It has gone into the past, and that means it will not become part of the present, because the present is what makes us we want and want two, and that is: to run away from everyone, where no one will find us. There where everything is different, where the color of the sky is somehow more beautiful, where the streets are sprinkled with flowers and water for us right to the gates of paradise. And when we get to that door, we’ll stop and turn around to see where it’s coming from we came, to laugh and move on.


The first manuscript is like the first feathers. That’s how it is with Andela’s handwriting “Colors” sadness ”, created in the years when the author dreams and that dreaming, exactly, wants to share with future readers. To readers who will understand both the colors of sadness and delight of happiness. The joy of creation, but also the joy of aging. That’s where Andela Rakovic story  is drinkable, lyrically intoned, soft as cotton… but she also knows how to bite, yes remind that life is not silence.

Youthful enthusiasm, expectations of love, and thus of life, change from page to page. Tears and sobs, smiles and hugs, tenderness and reproach, expectations of mine – the eternity of waiting, … are the hallmarks of the first steps in love and in life. And in Andela’s story.

Andela tells us a story about uncertain steps, about youth dramas, anxieties, about secrets and whispers, first falls in love, abandonment. Color the story colors of the generation. The author walks through the text for sure, finds the right words, a picture characters and space. Readable sentences and stylistically uniform will keep the readers’ attention as well a real upgrade to the theme of the story. And there is no story. Because, this Andela wakes up associations, always looking for something new, retaining or returning to youth. Get us in dialogue – dialogue of young people both when happiness and anger are on their lips. And in that the dialogue, through which the author leads us, is dominated by the vocabulary of her generation, resurrected and some accent of literary literature which is a model for a young author. It is also natural, because these are Andela´s first literary works texts, its construction: both theoretical and literary and literary. It’s in front of her life, and in front of you her story!


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