An emotional novel about the fate of two young people who are in love, but whose love is forbidden. They share many because they come from different worlds, but what separates them the most is faith. They are faced with anger, games, and hatred of those closest to them. Despite that, they believe that they can oppose everything because they love each other. However, sometimes love is not enough, something more was needed. They didn’t have that, even though they were born at the right time, under the same sky.

They say that Islam and Christianity are nowhere connected like in Istanbul, I wonder if it will be the same this time?

From the novel
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I closed the bathroom door and leaned against it. I took a deep breath from everything that happened to me. I needed to wash myself, it was easy to clean the dirt from my face, but it was as if it was starting to collect in me. Suddenly, everything seemed disgusting to me. A whole bathroom of marble tiles, light brown furniture with a huge window from which the whole garden could be seen. It looked disgusting to me the villa I started living in and the servants wearing black and white clothes, and his friend Ates whose T-shirt says Rolling Stones, and all his relatives with that fake or sincere smile. I was selfish and wanted Mehmet for myself, however I was afraid of answering the question: Will we ever live alone?

Do you believe we’ll ever meet again?
I believe.
I feel like I’ve known you my whole life, Milica…
I am in love with you, Mehmet.
How much?
A lot.
Me too.
His eyes were equally beautiful, he grew old over the years, but he didn’t lose what I fell in love with back then. He didn’t even erase that sadness from his eyes, but he certainly seemed happier and happier with life. He had no idea that he would meet me when he turned around, I had no idea it would be him. Neither the beach, nor the Views in the dark, nor that mysterious Montenegrin woman made me approach him. I thought of something else, calling it destiny.
“Sorry, your meal is ready,” the waiter told me.
Mehmet was still taken aback, just like me. I couldn’t help but open the cage of angry tears, we only met late. Too late to build happiness.
I didn’t want to say anything, he didn’t say either. He stood in front of me and watched me.
When I called you, they said you were dialing a non-existent number.When I leave now, don’t stop me. Let me be non-existent.

I turned and said goodbye to him. In the depths of my soul, I tore off the last thread that binds me to him. It was that black night, which gave me, but also took away something.


I dream… That I am happy and that every wish of mine is fulfilled. My family came to visit me and we all have lunch together. Next to me sits a man I love, and in front of us two of our families are smiling and recounting life experiences. We are all happy. There is a cross around my neck and my name is still Milica

Oh, Milica, my love… I will never stop loving you, I will never stop fighting… Because nothing makes me as happy as waking up next to you… As the song says: If everything comes to an end, let it be when you are gone. If it all comes to an end, don’t leave me here. Every child has gathered in me and gone, Now I am between the past and oblivion, you are not here until I just need you, answer, don’t do that, don’t leave us here… Emre Aydin Mehmete, my love..

Don’t let them separate us. You swore that you would defend our love, defend it to the end, my love.
Milica, you promised not to give up, don’t betray me.
 I swear I talked a lot,
 I turned around and I know,
I didn’t say anything.
 I love you I love you Forever.


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