Sarah, a child from an orphanage, is adopted by wealthy parents and since then she has been facing all the problems that life outside the walls of the orphanage brings. She marries her first love – Michael, a rich man who loses everything and who betrays Sarah and their son because of vice. Lonely, abandoned, and later physically abused, Sarah starts doing two jobs and her life paths intersect with the handsome gentleman Steve with whom she begins a love affair. Meanwhile, her husband decides to change and bring his wife and son back into his life. Will Sarah resist the pressures of the old love or will she stay true to the new one after all? Or maybe a better question – WHAT WILL SARAH BE AFFECTED AGAIN AND WILL  SHE SURVIVE OR


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I began…

At this moment, I’m setting a pencil down on a wooden table with my left hand. I’m closing my notebook and putting a cigarette in my mouth. The smell of nicotine somehow relaxes me. A perfect combination with good wine. Another gift from a dear friend (who knows exactly what I love).

I feel proud. I put a new idea on paper. I wove my thoughts into a web just like a spider. I close my eyes. My tired eyelids start to close gently.

In the distance the sound of Moonlight Sonata, relaxing me… A wonderful winter evening has kicked off pleasantly…

You can’t imagine how much I love being a writer!


Steve turned to me, touched my face, and whispered softly:

–  And anywhere, I would’ve followed you…
– ..
– You didn’t answer, Sarah, I waited for your call.
– What can I say? I want you? I want to be yours? You know very well that this is not possible…
– They say that anything is possible only if you want enough. Desire is the key to everything. It is the trigger…
– You don’t have a desire to understand certain things. I keep explaining that I’m married.
– . . – he added in order to provoke me.
– Why are you trying to provoke me?!
– Just give me a chance to show you that I will be with you forever. Give me a chance to show you… that I love you.

Silence. We looked into each other’s eyes.  We were not interested in anything, not even in the fact that they just announced Republican candidate, Trump, winning at the elections. We were completely uninterested in the people around us who were celebrating or insulting Trump by saying that America had come to an end. They cheered as they listened to him proclaim that he would renew the American dream. I wondered, would Steve rebuild my life from the roots? Would he get me out of all the hardships I was facing? Would he represent my triumph in these bad times?

I continued to look at him. Without blinking. I didn’t take my eyes off him, his lips, his chin, his face.

-All right, Steve. I will allow you to be my peaceful haven. But please don’t summon a storm! I won’t have anywhere to hide. It will take me away. Destroy me.

A smile lit up his face.  His eyes filled with an unusual glow. I think it’s called happiness. I felt a drop of rain on my face. My gaze on Steve was interrupted by Henry running towards us smiling as he scored.

– In the last minute, young Henry scores! — he shouted loudly.

All three of us laughed. We laughed out of joy to be alive!


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