At the end I am not afraid of the end. I am afraid of what is being created in me. Denying a chance to what is coming to me, ruining the dreams of those who leave me.  

I didn’t want to forgive the slightest mistake, because I think I’m perfect. I understand perfectly, I give opportunities perfectly, I love perfectly, I give my heart perfectly. That’s why I have no desire for a second chance. You don’t need a second chance from me, believe me you don’t.  

On the way to being happy, I am fighting against various forces. The hardest thing that attacks me is called omnipotence. I’m close to it now. It’s standing across from me and you are not far away eighter. You are there, on the side, lighting a cigarette and feeling sorry. I understand. And you wanted to be a man. All in all, none of the above.  

You are angry with yourself and you’re asking yourself: “Oh, God, how could I communicate with others while she exists, to give others a chance while she gives me infinitely much, to call others while she waits for my call? Oh, how could I? To talk to her about my problems and she to understand them, to her to run into when the whole world destroys me and then I destroy her by myself? To let her caress me, to tell her to hug me, to calm me down? And then, when I’m good, when I’m attracted to what she doesn’t have, then I forget her… No, she’s not for a moment she knows values. She appreciates some things that others don’t, she’s unique. ”