It was Saturday, May 25th. I remember it was nice weather, neither too cold nor too warm, extremely unusual and yet good enough for that time of year.

I looked after the children while Andrea and Boris worked at the hospital. My culinary skills were tested by the children on a daily basis. Someone always wanted pancakes, someone pizza pepperoni or pizza with cheese while pizza with spinach and broccoli everyone avoided and I always wondered why?  

I have to admit that studying didn’t take much of my time, so out of love for cooking, I decided to pursue this hobby from time to time.  

True, I didn’t look good enough for this job. My poor clothes showed war scars because they were mostly dirty, stained and always covered with flour, and if you looked more closely you would find a stains of olive oil. The children demanded almost impossible feats from me and like lightning I ran from one part of the house to another trying to please them as best I could. I ran so much that I cared least about my appearance in those moments. 

At one point, just that May, while I was serving breakfast, I heard a bell. It had never sounded so loud. It was destiny. At first I thought that maybe Boris or Andrea came to pick up some documents that they forgot. I went to the door, opened it, and gasped.  

Every word suddenly disappeared from me, I just stood enchanted. My soul was blocked by strong tingles and my eyes were amused by the sight that stood before them. Then I saw a man you will only see in your rare and wild dreams. Tall, dark, handsome, walking the clichés of romantic novels and erotic thrillers. 

I wondered what he thought when he saw me like that. My hair was tousled, one strand slipped all over my eye, my clothes were covered with flour, a teenage sweater that didn’t suit me in any way…  

At the second moment, I thought about who cared about it and continued to enjoy watching him. Did I fall in love with him at first sight? I don’t know but I wanted to fall in love! As much as I could. So strong, the strongest!  

Please tell me right now, at this point, is that real? Could it be more than imagination? In front of me is a handsome stranger who offered me a new life.